Applying to Attend the FCS Early Childhood Program


Floyd County Schools (FCS) Early Childhood Program offers high-quality educational experiences for three- and four-year-old children. The program is designed to prepare children socially, physically, emotionally, and educationally for elementary school. We offer a full-day program Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM until 2:45 PM when Floyd County Schools are in session.  Full day services are free to eligible families.  Student progress records are used to measure skill development and mastery.  The Early Childhood curriculum supports the smooth transition to elementary school following completion of the Early Childhood Program.  Home visits and conferences with parents and guardians are important activities in the Early Childhood Program. 

With an emphasis on parent involvement, all Head Start/Preschool classes are designed to make the most of children’s early learning capabilities and to prepare children for Kindergarten and the Primary Program. 

The Early Childhood Program in Floyd County Schools is a blended program – providing services through both Head Start and KERA Preschool funds.  Federally funded, Head Start serves children from low-income families who meet eligibility guidelines.  Applicants must be three or four years old by August 1st of the program year. The students participating in the KERA Preschool program are funded through the Kentucky Department of Education.  Students must be four years of age by August 1st of the program year and must meet specific criteria for admission.   

How to Apply
Click here to learn how to apply to Head Start or Preschool.
You may complete an application on FRIDAY'S in the Floyd County Head Start/Preschool classrooms from 8:00a.m.-2:45p.m.(call the school and pre-schedule an appointment for Friday's) or call central office at 606-886-4549 to set up an appointment.

Registration will be held throughout the year in the Early Childhood Offices at Adams Middle School 2520  S. Lake Dr. Prestonsburg, KY 41653, Monday through Friday, except for specified holidays identified in the district calendar. 

Throughout the year, special dates are chosen when applications are taken at the elementary schools and other community locations.  Please refer to the Early Childhood Department's Upcoming Events, Floyd County District Homepage, Floyd County Schools FaceBook page or call the Early Childhood Office at 606.886.4549 for times and dates.

Please bring the following documents with you to apply for admission:

  1. Child's Proof of Birth
  2. Verification of Family Income for at least one month
  3. Medical Insurance Card  

Health requirements for students entering the Floyd County Schools Early Childhood program include an up-to-date immunization record, a current physical examination form (including a lead screen and hematocrit / hemoglobin level), an eye exam, and a dental exam.

Questions? Call us at 606-886-4549.


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