Effectiveteaching and school leadership depend on clear standards andexpectations, reliable feedback, and the tools, resources and supportfor pro­fessional growth and continuous improvement. The KentuckyDepartment of Education, with the guidance and oversight of varioussteering committees, has designed, developed, field tested and piloted anew statewide Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES).
Kentucky embarked on a comprehensive system of education reform integrating:
  • relevant and rigorous standards
  • aligned and meaningful assessments
  • highly effective teaching and school leadership
  • data to inform instruction and policy decisions
  • innovation
  • school improvement
Allare critical elements of student success, but it is effective teachingsupported by effective leadership that will ensure all Kentucky studentsare successful and graduate from high school college/career-ready.
ThePGES is designed to measure teacher and leader effectiveness and serveas a catalyst for professional growth and continuous improvement, and isa key requirement of Kentucky’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act(ESEA) flexibility waiver and the state’s Race to the Top grant.


The purpose of this plan for personnel evaluation is to help teachers and administrators strengthen and improve their level of performance and effectiveness.This goal will be achieved through the process of systematic effortsbased onthe shared responsibility of the evaluator and the evaluatee in asetting of mutual understanding, respect, and trust. 
KRS. 156.557requires all school district administrators having the responsibilityof evaluating certified personnel to be trained, tested, and approved inthe proper techniques for effectively evaluating certified schoolemployees.
704 KAR 3:345,the Kentucky Board of Education regulation that establishes evaluationguidelines, requires that the training and testing be provided by theDepartment of Education.

Professional Growth and Effectiveness System – Teacher


Professional Growth and Effectiveness  System – Principal and Assistant Principal

Other Professionals Growth and
Effectiveness System:


  • Thecurrent evaluation standards and procedures for “Other” (speechlanguage pathologists, counselors, psychologist, library mediaspecialist, and instructional coaches) included in this evaluation planwill remain in effect until the OPGES is fully implemented in Kentucky. OPGES is scheduled to be piloted in Kentucky during the 2014-15 schoolyear.

Central Office Administrators

Guidance Counselors

Gifted and Talented

Media Specialists

Speech Pathologists


Education Consultant
Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES)
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