Title I

Title 1 School-Wide Programs


The Floyd County School District Title 1 Program is designed to improve student achievement in all content areas, increase parent involvement, and utilize advanced technological devices to ensure that all students learn at high levels. 


Each of the schools in Floyd County receive Title 1 funding and they each operate under the School-Wide Program design.  Funding for each school is based on the school’s ranking for low-income enrollment.  Each school forms a committee to determine the educational needs based on the most current assessment scores available.  The focus of each committee will be to strive toward helping students reach their full potential.


Recognizing and taking advantage of   changes to the Title 1 program has been a focus of personnel in Floyd County.  We have made great strides in addressing the educational needs of students so that all students of Floyd County receive a world class education. 










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 Parent Involvement Activities


¨ Open House

¨ Parent Volunteer Programs

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¨ Text Messages

¨ Newsletters                                     

¨ Post cards/Notes

¨ Face-to-Face

¨ E-mail

¨ School Cast

¨ Parent Training Academy

¨ LED Signs

¨ Facebook

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¨ Floyd County Website

¨ Infinite Campus Parent Portal

¨ Parent Involvement Kits

¨ Family Read and Family Math Nights




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