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Harassment Policy

The Floyd County School district has seven individuals trained to conduct investigations involving alleged incidents of harassment and/or discrimination. To report violations of the district’s policies prohibiting harassment/discrimination, please contact any of the following individuals. The three files below contain Floyd County Board of Education policies for students and classified/certified employees.
The names and contact information of the following investigators include but are not limited to:
John Greer Hunt, Chief Safety/Discrimination/Harassment Officer 
(606) 886-2354 Ext. 5521
Angela Duncan, Investigator
(606) 886-2354 Ext. 5525
Tiffany Campbell, Investigator
(606) 886-2354 Ext. 5508
Davida Marson, Investigator
(606) 886-2354 Ext. 5512
Rachel Crider, Investigator
(606) 886-2354 Ext. 5522
Brent Rose, Investigator
(606) 886-2354 Ext. 5510