Ready to Go

Superintendent Danny Adkins and all employees in Floyd County Schools had a virtual Opening Day this morning.

Adkins comments, “With our current situation, we couldn’t have all our employees in one location to kick off the new school year so we improvised and got together virtually.” Adkins continues, “I said a few words, our Board Chair Sherry Robinson spoke as always, we heard from the Floyd County Education Association President Angela Coleman, and showed our new website designed to help kids. We even had a video from Ron Clark as our special guest.”

Adkins says, “In addition, we are thrilled to say that we have devices for every student from Head Start and preschool to our seniors in high school and everyone in between. If your kids don’t have their devices, please call the school they attend because some haven’t been picked up yet. Kids will need these on Tuesday.” Adkins talked about being ready for Tuesday, “Basically we need our parents to complete three forms for us right now. Those are Online Registration, the Device/Renewal Training and our Meal Service form. Those are all are on our website and social media sites.”

“We have been planning and revising our plans and learning new technology this summer and we are as ready as we can be for Tuesday. Now we need our parents to be ready.” Superintendent Adkins explains what parents being ready means saying, “Fill out the forms. Have a place for your children to do their classwork where they won’t have as many distractions. Ask your kids what they are doing. Encourage them to ask questions and reach out to teachers if they don’t understand something. Most importantly we need you to be patient as we get into the groove so to speak.” Adkins continues, “We also have a website that is designed to help our kids called the Floyd County Schools Student Help Site where they can get some help logging in or more information about our tech helpline and we encourage you to watch the videos too.”

Adkins continues, “We know that technology doesn’t always work the way it is supposed to so we want our families to know that during school hours if you are having technical issues, call the school your child attends. If those technical issues are after school, we have our Tech Help Line that you can call Monday-Friday from 5:00-7:30 PM.”

Adkins concludes saying, “We know we will have some hiccups here and there and we will fix those. But I know that our amazing Floyd County family has figured out how to get devices to all kids, to feed all kids and to instruct all kids so I am confident that we will fix hiccups soon and hit the ground running on Tuesday.”

Student Help Site:


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