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Board Members

What are the board's responsibilities?
The overall responsibility is to oversee the development, operation, and improvement of the Floyd County School System to include:
  • Approving high-quality instructional programs
  • Reviewing student progress
  • Reviewing the educational program
  • Appointing the superintendent
  • Approving the FCS annual operating budget
  • Approving purchases and contracts
  • Accepting contracts for new construction, renovations, and building additions
  • Ensuring practices and policies are in agreement with the Kentucky Revised Statutes
  • Establishing tax rates
  • Performing all duties prescribed by the Kentucky Revised Statutes
Board members may not act independently on official matters. They may act only as a group on board-related decisions.
What are the board's goals?
    • 5 Star Schools/TBD
    • Transition Ready of 80%
    • Remain fiscally solvent/efficient
    • ACT 19.5
    • State Accountability: TBA
    • Attendance 95.5%
When and where does the board meet?
Regular Meetings are usually scheduled on the Fourth Mondays and will begin at 6:30 P.M. CLICK HERE to view the Board Meeting Calendar.
Who is My board Member?
To view the board member for your district/school Board Member. 
What are the board's policies?
To view the board policies click here.