In-Person Classes Begin Monday

Superintendent Danny Adkins wants to remind everyone in-person classes for students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade will resume Monday, September 28.


Students in Head Start and Preschool have different start dates. Group A will begin October 5 and Group B begins on October 8. This group is following a hybrid model for in-person classes as mandated by the federal government.


Adkins comments, “We can’t wait to see students in our buildings Monday. We have been planning and preparing for months for this day and we can’t wait to see our kids. For those students who will be remaining in virtual classes, Monday is just another day for you with no changes and we can’t wait until you are able to return to our buildings too.”


Adkins says, “We wanted to make sure our start and end times, our school calendar, bus routes and more are readily available to parents so we are sharing them all again. And please know that you can call our schools with any questions you may have regarding in-person classes.”


Please note the following:


  • The first day of class for Kindergarten through 12th grade is SEPT 28.
  • The first day of class for Head Start and Preschool is October 5 for Group A and OCT 8 for Group B.
  • The attached 2020-21 School Calendar is on our website and social media pages.
  • The attached Start and End Times are on our website and social media pages.
  • All students and staff will have temperature checks every morning as they enter the schools.
  • In order to ride the bus, parents must declare the student does not have a temperature greater than 100.4.
  • Parents/guardians must inform the school their student attends with 24 hours of a positive COVID-19 test. If it is on Saturday, please call 606-886-4518 to report. All other calls would go to the school.
  • Students in 1st – 12th grade will wear masks all day inside the buildings except for lunch. Students must have a medical waiver completed by a physician to be permitted to not wear a mask.
  • It is recommended that students in Kindergarten wear a mask but this is not required.
  • Students will socially distance as much as possible.
  • If parents/guardians have changed their earlier decisions about in-person or virtual classes, please call the schools your children attend as soon as possible.
  • All students will receive breakfast and lunch at no cost to our students.
  • Schools’ Facebook pages have videos with more information about sanitization, classrooms, parent drop off and pick up and more.
  • Decisions about in-person classes or virtual classes are guided by the attached COVID-19 Mode of Instruction Metrics for K-12 Education guidance created by the Kentucky Department of Public Health and the Kentucky Department of Education.



For Guidance on Safety Expectations and Best Practices for Kentucky Schools visit