Safe Schools Week

Superintendent Danny Adkins want everyone to know October 18–24, 2020, is Floyd County Schools Safe Schools Week and Kentucky Safe Schools Week. This year's theme is “HEALTHY HABITS, Shield Our Schools!” Floyd County Schools and the Kentucky Center for School Safety stands on the belief that everybody should enjoy school, be treated respectfully and that community members, educators, students and parents are encouraged to get involved during Kentucky Safe Schools Week.

When asked about the focus of the Safe Schools Week, Superintendent Adkins replied, “This year our Safe Schools Week focuses on healthy habits. The Healthy Habits Safety Pledge includes wearing masks, washing our hands, social distancing and being kind to others. These habits are good for all of us to practice. It doesn’t matter if we are a student or an adult to whether we are being instructed virtually or in-person.”


Healthy Habits Safety Pledge


Promoting healthy habits to prevent the spreading of germs along with kindness and support of others is this year’s focus. Helping students be mindful of their actions as we all strive for healthy wellness at school. Join KCSS and others across the commonwealth as we pledge to incorporate healthy habits daily.


I will pledge to do my part to Shield our School by:


I'll mask up and cover my face, when I'm in a public place.

Frequently, I'll wash my hands, which keep them clean, that's my plan.

I'll keep space between others and me, to help us stay germ-free.

I'll be extra kind everyplace, virtual school and face-to-face.

I'll consider others as I learn, everyone deserves their turn.


Superintendent Adkins closed saying, “We hope all our students, staff, parents and community members will join us, as we practice healthy habits and encourage kindness in our school culture.”



The Kentucky “HEALTHY HABITS, Shield Our Schools!” campaign is sponsored by the Kentucky Center for School Safety. This observance coincides with the national campaign. America’s Safe Schools Week is sponsored by the National School Safety Center.  “I encourage all Kentuckians to get involved and model healthy habits and show extra kindness and support across our Commonwealth for our schools and the tremendous job being done to keep our students safe. Modeling kindness in our everyday lives will help build the safe communities and schools of tomorrow.  Joining together, we can make “HEALTHY HABITS, Shield Our Schools!” a part of our everyday healthy wellness routine.” said Jon Akers, Executive Director, KCSS.