6th Grade Showcase

Superintendent Danny Adkins announces the results for students in Floyd County Schools who competed in the KAAC 6th Grade Showcase for Sections 33 on December 5, 2020. This was the first time students competed virtually for this competition. Participating schools for Section 33 included James D. Adams Middle, Duff-Allen Central Elementary, John M Stumbo Elementary, Johns Creek School, Pikeville and Valley Elementary. 

Adkins comments, “Congratulations to our 6th grade academic students and teams on placing in this Governor’s Cup event! We’re proud to see Adams Middle with a 1st place in Quick Recall and 2nd overall! Congratulations Adams! We also want to congratulate Taryn Meade and Cathrine Risner on your tie in 1st place for Language Arts, congratulations Amelia Gilbert on your 1st place in Arts & Humanities and congratulations Conner Little for your 1st place in Social Studies!

Adkins concludes saying, “We hope you join us in congratulating and supporting these students and teams. This is their first endeavor into middle school academics and the 6th Grade Showcase provides them with an opportunity to compete on a regional level. To see these kids placing in this virtual tournament is wonderful!”

Results for Floyd County students/teams are below.  Click on the link to see complete results: https://tinyurl.com/y3z8zvvb 


2nd Adams Middle  

4th Stumbo Elementary 

6th Duff-Allen Central Elementary



1st Adams Middle

4th Stumbo Elementary

6th Duff-Allen Central Elementary


3rd Colin Hatfield AMS



3rd Taryn Meade DACE



4th Kassidy May AMS

5th Jacey Goble AMS


 1st  Taryn Meade DACE  

1st  Cathrine Risner AMS



1st Amelia Gilbert AMS

3rd Kyria Barnette AMS 

6th Emily Roberts JMS 



1st  Conner Little JMS

3rd Katelyn Marshall AMS

5th Lydia Johnson JMS