New Services for Students

Superintendent Adkins announces new services for students.

Adkins comments, “We know there’s some students who are in need of additional support and opportunities beyond virtual instruction and in trying to meet those needs, we have developed a plan to deliver some targeted services for students as we remain virtual at this time.”

Beginning as early as Wednesday, February 3, select students will have the opportunity to attend small group sessions for a maximum of 90 minutes a day, every other day, to receive additional instruction and support from classroom teachers. These sessions are in addition to regular virtual instruction. 

Adkins says, “These will be targeted services so first, we need everyone to understand that this is in no way taking place of the regular virtual instruction, but rather in addition. What we want to do is supplement that regular instruction with some small group opportunities for those children who have the greatest needs. We will follow all the Healthy at School guidelines as we offer small group sessions at our schools. Our schools will select these students as they will be identifying those students who will benefit the most.” When asked if these sessions are mandatory for students Adkins replied, “This is not something that students are required to do so if your child were selected  and  you don’t feel comfortable with your child returning to in person sessions then of course you can decline the opportunity. The number of students are limited so we do hope that if your child is selected and you agree that you will make sure your child is in regular attendance for these sessions. These sessions are going to be 90 minutes a day every other day at most as outlined in the Healthy at School guidance from the Kentucky Department of Education.”

Students will also have the opportunity to have similar sessions virtually that will be offered on Flex Days, which is Fridays at most of our schools. 

Adkins concludes, “Administrators or teachers from individual schools will contact parents if your child is eligible for these services. We are simply trying to get more support to the kids who are struggling the most. We anticipate we will have a few hiccups in the beginning and hope that everyone will be patient and flexible as this will be another first for us and we may have to iron out a few kinks.”