Talented and Gifted Coordinator Selected

Superintendent Adkins announces Kevin Slone has been selected for Gifted and Talented Coordinator.

Superintendent Adkins comments, “Kevin Slone is the new TAG Coordinator for our district. He has decades of classroom experience at all levels and truly wants to elevate our Gifted and Talented Program for our students. We’re excited for him to begin.”

Kevin Slone has been an educator for more than two decades. He has taught art at the elementary and middle school level and has been at the high school level since 2004. Kevin has coached college cross country, elementary and high school basketball, and at the high school level, he’s coached golf, track, archery and baseball. His experience in athletics led him to being athletic director at the elementary and high school levels. Being the planner Kevin is, he’s helped coordinate district art and music programs and art workshops and is currently working on our district virtual art show. 


Kevin and his wife Sonya live in McDowell with their teenage son Lincoln. In his spare time, Kevin is an avid hunter. He and his family love to travel and are working on filling a framed map of the United States with photos taken together in each state. Ever the artist, Kevin also plays guitar and wrote and published his novel Montana Mane in 2006. He enjoys woodworking and reading, with R. A. Salvatore and John Grisham being two of his favorite authors. From loving 80’s and early 90’s music, to being an avid fan of superhero movies like those from Marvel and DC Comics, Kevin genuinely appreciates all creativity and artistic flair in the world.


When asked about leaving the classroom for this new role, Slone says, “Our kids are our future and I hope to inspire students to always give their best efforts, not for the grade, but because they see the value in the choices and paths they choose. I want our brightest students to showcase their talents and motivate them to want to always give their best.  This was my philosophy in the classroom and will now be my philosophy for the district. I want to remove the ceiling and see how high our kids can soar.”


Adkins concludes, “We’re excited to see Kevin in this role and the amazing opportunities he’ll bring to our Gifted and Talented Program. His appreciation of the arts and talents, combined with his high level of expectations and his friendly manner will be assets in his new role. We’re really looking forward to working with Kevin.”