BOE Approves Raises & More

On behalf of all district employees, Superintendent Anna Shepherd thanks the Floyd County Board of Education for their commitment to employees.

Shepherd says, "We want to thank our board members for their commitment to our folks. In May of this year, our board approved a 3% or an additional $.50 on the hour (whichever was greater) raise for every full time employee in the district starting in July which is the beginning of our year. And now, they have done even more.” Shepherd says, “Every full time employee is eligible to receive a stipend of up to $1500 for participating in 5 trainings centered on social-emotional learning (SEL).” 

For all hourly classified employees, Shepherd says, “At Monday’s meeting, our board approved a pay increase of an additional $.50 per hour for those with 4 to 9 years of service in our district. Those with 10 or more years of service will receive an additional $.75 per hour.” Shepherd continues, “Our bus drivers will now be guaranteed 5 hours per day (4 previously) and up to 10 additional (for a total of 12) 7 hour positions will be created depending on student need. In addition to their morning and evening runs, these drivers will transport our CTE (Career & Technical Education) students to the Area Technology Center or the School of Innovation or wherever they may be taking classes in their pathways.”

“Many families in our county have had financial changes and hardships due to the pandemic. At this past Monday night’s meeting, the Floyd County Board of Education showed once again that they care about our folks and their families through their actions,” Shepherd concluded.