Be a Safety Star

Superintendent Anna Shepherd wants everyone to know Kentucky Safe Schools Week is October 17–23, 2021. This year’s theme is “Be a Safety Star” and the focus is on the multi-faceted brilliance of what it means to be a SAFETY STAR in school and in life.  From the acts of kindness and respectfulness to following all safety rules and guidelines, being a true SAFETY STAR includes shining bright in all these areas.  Floyd County Schools and the Kentucky Center for School Safety want everybody to enjoy school and to be treated respectfully.

Commenting on the focus of the Safe Schools Week campaign, Superintendent Shepherd says, “This year’s theme is “Be a Safety Star.” Being a star includes being kind, respectful and following safety rules and guidelines. Safety Stars are our students, staff and community members who put others first without focusing on themselves.” Shepherd continues, “The pandemic has reminded us that being kind and truly caring for others must always be a large part of who we are. Supporting others and showing kindness and respect are acts we want to encourage in students and adults. We are blessed to live in an area of the United States where caring for your neighbor has always been encouraged. Current events have strengthened our belief that this way of life is truly what we need to teach and to practice, and that’s why we are asking that our students, staff and community join together and let our Floyd County Safety Stars shine brightly.”

Shepherd concludes saying, “We are asking all of Floyd County to help teach our students and take the Safety Star Pledge about kindness, respect and helping others at . These are much needed qualities we all need to instill in our children and to practice ourselves.”  

I pledge to:

Share, care and spread kindness everywhere I go.

𝗧reat everyone with the respect, we all deserve!

𝗔bide by all school safety rules.

𝗥ise up and shine, helping others who need support.

The Kentucky Center for School Safety sponsors the “Be a Safety Star” campaign. This observance coincides with the national campaign. The National School Safety Center sponsors America’s Safe Schools Week. “I encourage all Kentuckians to get involved and encourage one another when it comes to school safety. School Safety is our first priority and shining a light on all areas of need, compliance and initiative improves our culture and environment. “Being a Safety Star” entails great character and engaging in school safety practices with dedication. Join our Safety Star Campaign and show Kentucky’s brilliance across the commonwealth,” said Jon Akers, Executive Director, KCSS.