State STLP

Superintendent Anna Shepherd congratulates Floyd County Schools students who brought home five state championship titles, five state runner-up titles, four selected to the Service Teams and a scholarship winner from the 2022 State Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) competition at Rupp Arena on April 20.

Shepherd says, “First, I have to again congratulate the over 160 students we had to advance to the state competition! We had students from every school and from one of our programs. It's simply incredible what our students can do! Along with this are our incredible coaches! Without the support, motivation and heart of our coaches, we would not have as many students participating and enjoying this program!” Shepherd continues, “Congratulations to our state champions, Madison Wilcox, Carli Artrip, Taryn Meade, Kamryn Shannon, Chanda Caudill, Mia Queen-Gillam, Lara Beth Hall and Lydia Wallace. These individuals and teams dominated their categories! Congratulations to our state runner ups, Madison Thornsberry, Zachery Hunter, Ethan Hall, Peyton Crase, Kellie Tussey, JD Fraley and Kaden Lewis! These students did an amazing job and I can’t wait to see what they do next year as they’re all underclassmen. And congratulations Madison Thornsberry on winning the scholarship!”

In closing, Shepherd said, “Congratulations to our students who were selected to be on the Service Teams, Hailey Little, Madison Thornsberry, Lauren Gearheart,Alexa Morris and Whitley Hall! Being selected is a challenging process. Service Team members submit work samples and go through an interview process. Being an Engineer Team member like Hailey is the most challenging. The Engineer Team helps run KySTE and the State STLP Championships. In addition to interviews and work samples, students want to be on the Engineer Team also answer a series of essay questions, submit resumes and 2-3 letters of recommendation in reference to their technology and leadership skills. So while the titles for Service Team members may not say state champion, it is more assuredly an honor achieved through a competitive process.” 

Elaine Harrison Lane STLP Scholarship winner - FCHS Madison Thornsberry 



PHS Madison Wilcox – 1st in KY Travel

DACE Carli Artrip – 1st in Manipulated Image 6-8

DACE Taryn Meade  1st in UL Podcast Challenge

FCSI Kamryn Shannon & Chanda Caudill – 1st in Sphero Hero

DACE Mia Queen-Gillam, Lara Beth Hall & Lydia Wallace 1st in Sphero Hero 6-8


FCHS Madison Thornsberry – 2nd in Technical Writing 9-12

FCSI Zachery Hunter and Ethan Hall 2nd in Robot Royale 

FCSI Peyton Crase and Kellie Tussey 2nd in Sumo Bot 

FCSI JD Fraley and Kaden Lewis 2nd in UK Engineering Minds on Innovation 



FCHS Hailey Little - Engineer

FCHS Madison Thornsberry - Media Arts Service Team

FCHS Lauren Gearheart - Blogger Corps Service Team

FCHS Alexa Morris - Photojournalist Service Team

DACE Whitley Hall - Blogger Corps



AES Kaleb Rodebaugh

AMS AmyNewsome

BLE Lindsay Newsome

BLHS Sandy Mims

DACE Ceci Prater

FCHS Ceci Prater

FCSI Tabitha Berger

JMS Jaynie Watts

MVE Kayana Collins

PES Jennifer Stewart

PHS Kenneth Bradley

SFE Taylor Vandeventer


Carli Artrip Taryn Meade

Carli Artrip Taryn Meade



Mia Queen-Gillam, Lara Beth Hall, Lydia Wallace

Mia Queen-Gillam, Lara Beth Hall, Lydia Wallace


Maddie Wilcox

Maddie Wilcox


Chanda Caudill and Kamryn Shannon

Chanda Caudill and Kamryn Shannon