The Floyd County Board of Education is requesting sealed bids.





The Floyd County Board of Education is requesting sealed bids for the proposed sale of the Old Central Office located at 106 North Front Avenue, Prestonsburg KY 41653.  The Board of Education is accepting sealed bids to sell the entire property without division. All sealed bids must be submitted using the official bid form and clearly marked on the exterior of the envelope with “Sealed Bid Central Office (Old Prestonsburg Location) Property”. Only bids submitted on official bid forms obtained from the district will be accepted.

To obtain copies of official bid forms, this request for sealed bids, and to schedule site visits contact Linda Hackworth, Chief Facilities Officer, 442 KY RT 550, Eastern KY 41622, or via phone at 606-874-9569 between the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, prior to the time and date specified for bid opening.

Sealed bids may be mailed or hand delivered to Linda Hackworth, Chief Facilities Officer, 442 KY RT 550 Easter, KY 41622. Sealed bids will be accepted until 1:55 PM, June 28, 2022, and will be publically opened at 2:00 PM, June 28, 2022, at the Maintenance Office Conference Room located at the contact address listed above. All bids must be received by the time designated in the invitation and none will be considered thereafter. The Board of Education cannot assume responsibility for any delay as a result of failure of the mails to deliver the bids on time. Bids will be opened and read at the time and location stated above. You are invited to be present at the bid opening.

The Floyd County Board of Education will tabulate all bids received, meeting all specifications and conditions, and subject to all other provisions of this invitation to bid and may sell the surplus property to the best evaluated bidder(s), whichever is deemed to be in the best interest of the Floyd County Board of Education.

The Floyd County Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids. Bids will be considered at the regular scheduled board meeting to be held on July 25, 2022, or before if possible.

Subject property is located in Deed Book 442, Page 549, of the Floyd County Clerk’s office, Prestonsburg KY and PVA Map number’s 14, 16, 17, 18.

Subject Property is located within the central business location district of Prestonsburg, KY. Said property is located at the intersection of Court Street and Front Avenue, consists of three parcels; two improved with buildings, and one being vacant parking lot located at the corner of Front Avenue and Goble Street. The improved parcels contain a total area of approximately 8,250 sq. ft. with the parking lot containing approximately 16,500 sq. ft. of which approximately 8,250 sq. ft. is level with the street and used for parking by the Board. The remainder of the lot is steep riverbank.