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Elementary Reading

Instructor: Jaime Porter   
My purpose as a Curriculum lead is to provide on-going communication with teachers as well as a place for sharing resources/strategies and important items for discussion. We will work to continuously improve our K-5 Reading Curriculum document to ensure all students are receiving high quality reading instruction in our district. 




Floyd County Schools Writing and Communications Program Plan

Gheens Academy Curriculum Documents

E/LA  (Reading) -  Elementary
Curriculum Frameworks
Curriculum Maps

Deconstructed Language Arts Standards

Here is a link to the deconstructed language arts common core standards created by KDE: 

Curriculum Work

We will be having a curriculum work session on May 20th. If you would like to attend, or if you have some reccommendations for changes, please let me know. Thanks 

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Kentucky Teacher

 Another edition of Kentucky Teacher:

Brain Breaks

Here is an interesting article about brain breaks and student engagement: 

Kentucky Teacher

Here is a link to the latest publication of Kentucky Teacher. It discusses our Common Core Standards:

KDE March Literacy Link

Here is a link to the KDE March Literacy Link. Please read! 


Reading Apps

Literacy - Technology Resources

 Here is another link from the KDE website that includes resources for books-on-line, software which reads text, as well as web search engines which teachers can use to integrate the Internet into their classroom and much, much more:


Best Practices Link

The KDE website has a link to Best Practices created by educators across the state. You can find these best practices at the following link: