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High School Science

Instructor: Courtney Flannery   

High School Science Curriculum Development

Our purpose is to provide on-going communication and a place for sharing resources/strategies and important items for discussion in the content areas of high school science.  We will focus on Biology, Physical Science, and Earth Science content.



Updated Curriculum Work

As you all know, we met on election day to begin revising county curriculum documents.  Unfortunately no one from the high school science category was able to show up.  I have started to map out our courses using the Next Generation Science Standards and will be sending an email for your suggestions soon!  Hope you have a great summer and get some much deserved rest. 

Vertical Alignment Meetings

As the county is preparing to work on vertical alignment for all subjects, I wanted to let you know that meetings originally planned for March 18, 19, and 20th are now placed on hold until a further date.  We are looking at doing our first round of work in early April.  I will post an update as soon as I hear news.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please email me at  Thanks!



Next Gen Integrated I Map.docx

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